Sunday, 3/18

Mass Readings

The Prodigal Son
Fr. Liam Cary (Saturday 5:30pm Vigil)


The Beauty of Mount Angel Abbey
(A visual tour of the monastery grounds)

Come Let us Worship the Lord
(The Benedictine Monks of Mount Angel Abbey)

Saturday, 3/17

Mass Readings

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Fr. John Cihak (8:30am)

Friday, 3/16

Mass Readings

The Path To God: Through Your Neighbor
Fr. Liam Cary (7:00am)

The First Step: Surrender
Fr. John Cihak (8:30am)

Thursday, 3/15

Mass Readings

Turn Your Back, or Bow Down?
Fr. Liam Cary (8:30am)