Sunday, 3/25

Mass Readings

He Came to Take Away Sin
Fr. Liam Cary (7:00 am)

It Is Mercy I Desire... Not Sacrifice
Fr. John Cihak (8:30am)


Highlights of the Mc Intosh Wedding Mass held a Sacred Heart on July 1, 2006.

Saturday, 3/24

Mass Readings

Where Does Jesus Come From?
Fr. Liam Cary (8:30am)

Friday 3/23

Mass Readings

Let Us See Whether His Words Be True
Fr. Liam Cary (7:00am)

Doing The Right Thing No Matter What
Fr. John Cihak (8:30am School Mass)

Thursday, 3/22

Mass Readings

The Power of Intercessory Prayer
Fr. Carmelo Mifsud (7:00am)

The Golden Calf Mentality
Fr. John Cihak (8:30am)

Wednesday, 3/21

Mass Readings

Who Is Jesus?
Fr. John Cihak (7:00am)

From Darkness Into... Amazement
Fr. Liam Cary (8:30am)

Tuesday, 3/20

Mass Readings

Take Up Your Mat and Walk
Fr. Liam Cary (7:00am)

Through Baptism Graces Flow
Fr. Carmelo Mifsud (8:30am)

Monday, 3/19

Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
(Patron of the Universal Church)

Mass Readings

Saint Joseph: Devoted Father, Man of Pure Faith
Fr. Liam Cary (7:00)

Saint Joseph: Model of a True Man
Fr. John Cihak (8:30)


The Vocation to the Monastic Life
A fascinating look into the lives and motivations of those who have consecrated their entire lives to God. Includes rare interviews and footage behind the cloister doors at Mount Angel Abbey.

Part 1

Part 2